What is Distance Education?

If there were a single definition that would fit all Distance Education options it would probably be “not having to physically attend classes.” Beyond that, distance learning comes in so many shapes it can be a difficult road to navigate. Which school should I choose? How can I acquire credits? What have I accomplished in my life that could be converted into earned credits? Whatever the questions Testing Out of College is the place to ask.

Some Distance programs can be classified as “Online Degrees”. Typically these programs require the student to log on to a computer and either attend virtual classrooms or discussion boards. Usually there is a defined semester and the student is expected to keep pace with the course syllabus. A few institutions allow students to work at his or her own pace. This is how I earned my M.S. Information Architecture from Capitol College. For more information on accredited online colleges click here. Other institutions require no computer at all. Correspondence courses have been around for years. Some are semester-based and others allow you to work at your own pace.