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Welcome to Testing Out Of College! Your number one resource for earning your college degree with credit by examination including CLEP, DSST Dantes, ECE Excelsior College Exams, and TECEP Thomas Edison College Exams.

You can earn your degree in 3-12 months with the “Big Three”. Excelsior College, Thomas Edison State College and Charter Oak State College. Even if you are attending a traditional or online college you can save months or years and thousands of dollars while earning an accredited college degree.

This website is loaded with valuable information to help you on your path of earning your college degree. Whether you need a few credits to finish up or starting from square one, you are embarking on a very rewarding journey at many levels.

Yes it’s true. You do know more than you think you know. And that is exactly why credit by examination can be your quickest path to completing a college degree. Whether you attend the local university or are pursuing your degree with an online college you could be saving time and money. Think you couldn’t possibly pass all those tests? Neither did I, but check out my story to see that it can be done.

If you are decent at Trivial Pursuit or find yourself yelling out the correct answers at TV Game Shows then chances are you can pass most college level credit exams with a little study. Most adults don’t realize how many nuggets of information they have gathered just by getting through life.

The biggest challenge is finding the right college and choosing the best study material that will provide you with the specific information you need to pass without bombarding you with more details than necessary.

Information About CLEP Exams

College Level Exam Program The CLEP is the most widely accepted credit by examination program in the united states. Most accredited colleges and universities award from 3 -12 credits, depending on the exam, for scores of 50 or higher on CLEP exams … [Continue reading]

What is Distance Education?

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If you would like to earn an accredited college degree in the shortest amount of time and save thousands of dollars compared to traditional classroom institutions - then you have come to the right place! Testing Out Of College is a free community … [Continue reading]